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Wee Critters Online 20 May 2020

Online with Wee Critters

Wee Critter’s is a fully mobile and professional interactive animal education service which operates throughout Northern Ireland.  Our mission is to provide a unique, fun, memorable and educational experience which will inspire a commitment to the protection and conservation of animals and the natural environment within the local community.

At this time of year Wee Critters is usually busy delivering curriculum–based school programmes, group visits and much more.  Due to the impact of Covid–19 and the necessity to stay home and stay safe, Wee Critters has introduced a few NEW resources for everyone to enjoy!

Wee Critter’s Animal Tales for Little Explorers!

On a weekly basis Wee Critters have been providing a video series called ‘Wee Critter’s Animal Tales’ on their facebook.  Each episode allows little explorers to learn more about one of the wee critter species while also enjoying a fun–animal themed storytime with Allan.  Each episode is also supported with worksheets, activity suggestions, crafts, recipes and more!

So far in the series, little explorers have been introduced to Scampi the striped skunk, Trevor the Cane toad, Speedy the giant African land snail, Pascal the panther chameleon, Winkle the African pygmy hedgehog and many more.

You can tune into the series at                                                     

ZOOM on over for an online session

Are you a teacher who would love the chance to reunite with your pupils before the end of the academic year for a special experience or are you a teacher looking for something special for key workers’ children who are still at school in these difficult times?  Are your pupils’ parents looking for something fun and educational to support their home learning?  

Along with his wee critter family, Allan can take little explorers on an interactive adventure from the safety of their own home / your classroom.  With curriculum–based topics to suit all age groups, online sessions can focus on the theme of your choice to support pupil’s learning. 

Check out our topics at


·        a 30 minute interactive animal education session via Zoom

·        the chance to meet and learn about six of our wee critters

·        the chance to ask Explorer Allan all of your questions

·        you can invite up to 10 households to take part*

·        20% off our normal mobile education service for your class, party or group (when things return to normal and subject to availability of dates)

*additional guests can take part but there will be an extra charge per household for private bookings.  For class bookings by teachers a total of 30 households can take part in a session i.e. one class

Each session is £50.  Wee Critters has introduced a number of procedures to ensure safety and security online during online interactive animal education sessions.  For more information on this policy and about the service,

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