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‘The River’ Programme On–line 25 January 2021

‘The River’ CatchmentCare Educaiton Programme Goes On–line

One of the successes of CatchmentCARE project has been the schools’ engagement work being delivered by educators from the River Backwater Catchment Trust. 

In 2020 plans were set in place to build on the success of the 2019 pilot education programme and encourage the 8 schools that participated in the pilot programme to incorporate elements into the core school curriculum through a series of teacher training events and curriculum planning activities.  

There were also plans to engage with 6 new schools who would avail of the pilot programme, receiving in–school visits and visits to local rivers. The programme should have started in February 2020 but because of Covid 19 the programme has been postponed until schools begin to allow visitors back into the classroom and run off site schools trips.

Rather than mothball the work however, the CatchmentCARE education team have been busy developing a series of online education programmes for use by schools and teachers across the 3 catchments. “The River” is a fun and informative look at rivers and is packed with activities, crafts, interviews and experiments to help young people understand more about their local rivers. There are five episodes in the series, each accompanied by a teacher’s pack and teacher notes. The programmes are linked to the NI curriculum at KS2 (P5 – P7) and the ROI curriculum (Classes 3, 4 and 5). 

There are 5 episodes in the current series – 

Episode one: “The River– where it all begins“.

Episode two: “How to build a river

Episode three: “Creatures of the river

Episode four: “The magic moving river

Episode five: “All my fault

The advert introducing the programmes can be viewed at the following link:

If you would like the links to all 5 episodes, please contact