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Record Green Flag Year 3 July 2019

Eco–Schools Wrap up another record Green Flag Year

It has been another amazing year for Eco–Schools with 180 Green Flags awarded a 24% growth on last year’s 145. This wouldn’t happen without the remarkable work and passion for the programme at school level. 

This year also marks the 25th Anniversary of the Eco–Schools programme internationally. Here in Northern Ireland to mark this Eco–Schools launched the new Marine Topic which looks at the ecology of our waterways from source to sea, the environmental challenges facing them and what we can do to help protect them. More information on the new topic can be found on the Eco–Schools website

The Marine topic was launched during the Eco–Schools Teachers Conference in March. An excellent video of the day is available on Eco–Schools website highlighting the conference topic ‘Plastic and the Marine Environment’ with words of wisdom from Lizzie Daly, biologist and TV presenter. 

Eco–Schools have also rebranded the Climate Change topic to Climate Action to reflect the need for all of us to act in positive ways to combat this pressing environmental concern. Watch out for more information in the new term on this topic.