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New Marine Topic 4 April 2019

Eco Schools tackle Plastic Pollution issues with the launch of a new Marine Topic

Eco–Schools celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with the launch of a new Marine topic which shines a spotlight on the issue of plastic in our oceans. Teachers attending the Eco–Schools conference last week in W5 were inspired to take action to protect the environment from plastic after hearing moving speeches from Lizzie Daly, wildlife biologist and presenter and Geoff Brighty, from Plastic Oceans UK. The conference was supported by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. 

Over 180 teachers, pupils and guests learnt about the increasing concerns of plastic pollution and how the choices we all make daily can lead to micro–plastics from home, single use plastics and litter from the land ending up in the sea where it takes centuries to breakdown, choking and poisoning wildlife in the meantime. Over 80% of litter washed up on NI shores is plastic and the equivalent of a dump truck of plastic enters our oceans every minute globally.  However it wasn’t all grim news, the speakers including young people from Eco–Schools (St Killian’s College, Carnlough, and Ashbourne Community School, Meath) had solutions to the problems too. Education and action are key to stopping this deadly flow – refuse single use plastics, choose and dispose of toiletries carefully, carry your own reusable water bottle/cup, clean up beaches, rivers and local areas of litter, lobby your local politicians and business leaders change policy and product design.