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Magilligian Field Centre Website 14 December 2020

Magilligan Field Centre new website:

Supporting Outdoor Learning

In a year when fieldwork activities have been curtailed due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic MFC has produced a range of free Outdoor Learning resources to support primary and post primary teachers.  These include resources targeting the development of outdoor learning activities in school grounds in the form of a Sway resource and Activity Cards for primary teachers.

Also available are materials targeting the delivery of exam based fieldwork for GCSE and AS. These Sway resources include GCSE Geography fieldwork materials relating to a river study on the Curly Burn.  The titles include Study Area & Background,  Data Collection and Hazards, Risks & Precautions. These contain video footage, maps and photos as well as downloadable resources and a set of data for ten sites.  Whilst this is geared to GCSE it will also prove useful for AS level.

MFC has also put together a resource on the Umbra Sand Dunes broken into two sections; (i) dealing with the Umbra as a small scale ecosystem targeting AS1; (ii) concerning the AS3 fieldwork element with a set of data and data collection methods described.  Again this resource is in the form of a Sway that includes video footage, photos, maps and downloadable resources.

All of these resources are now available in Primary and Post Primary section of the new Magilligan Field Centre website:

Magilligan Field Centre new website: