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Growing for the Future in Autumn 21 October 2019

Growing for the Future in Autumn

Visit the Growing for the Future resource on 

CCEA has developed a web resource, in partnership with Tourism NI, to encourage children to grow fruit and vegetables, explore where food comes from and to promote healthy eating. 

Teachers can access curriculum–linked resource sheets for Key Stages 1 and 2 divided into the calendar year, with monthly overviews and guidance to growing the fruits and vegetables that are in season.  These resources can support many of the Ten Topics of the Eco–Schools Green Flag journey, such as Biodiversity, Energy and Healthy Living. 

By Autumn, the weather is cooling down and the days are getting much shorter.  It is time to move from the growing season for one year to prepare for the next year.  Most of your harvesting may be done by now, but there is plenty you can do to prepare for next year’s growing season and look after your plants and wildlife during the winter. 

Activities for the autumn:

·         Give a Bird a Home! Make a nestbox or make your own bird cake for the garden to help the birds in the garden as winter approaches.   (KS2 resource)  

·         Start collecting autumn leaves to make leaf mould.  Leaf mould is a great soil improver for any size of school garden.  Read more in October and Jilly’s video in November 

·         The Autumn is also a good time to plant out fruit bushes or fruit trees that will be there for many generations of pupils.  Planting Fruit Bushes 

·         Hear how Jocelyn Brown at Ballycraigy Primary School started their growing journey from ‘strawberries in a wellie boot’ and recycled old tyres to having their own school Green Fingers Club and a Community Garden Club

Let us know how you get on with any of these activities by sharing on CCEA’s social media or email Melanie Mulligan, Education Manager on