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Growing for the Future 3 July 2019

Visit the Growing for the Future resource on  

CCEA has developed a web resource, in partnership with Tourism NI, to encourage children to grow fruit and vegetables, explore where food comes from and to promote healthy eating.  

Teachers can access curriculum–linked resource sheets for Key Stages 1 and 2 divided into the calendar year, with monthly overviews and guidance to growing the fruits and vegetables that are in season.  

Activities for the Summer:

· See how Jordanstown school, have used CCEA’s Growing for the Future resource to contribute to the development of Home Economics skills to for safe, inclusive practice both in the classroom and outdoors.

· Summer activities for the children in the months of July and August

    • Create a Airmiles Food Diary and World Map
    • Plant your own summer salad leaves like Lamb’s Lettuce or Radishes
    • Summer healthy recipes like Rainbow Fruit Kebabs or Chicken and Vegetable Taco’s

· Start to plan what you would like to grow in September with the help of our herb or vegetable Garden Planners, and it doesn’t matter how much space you have outside or inside, there is something for everyone.

· Something to think about for the next school year for Key Stage 2, the Get Cooking Campaign!

· This campaign includes several activities for lessons covering several Areas of Learning;

· Literacy Activity on Breads of the World

· Thinking through History on Making Potato Bread

· Get Cooking Activity, following a cook–a–long webinar to make Potato Bread and:  

· The Potato Bread Enterprise Challenge.  Using the Enterprise and Maths resources provided, schools can set up and run their own enterprise to design, make and sell a new flavour of potato bread to their school community, friends and family.

Let us know how you get on with any of these activities by sharing on CCEA’s social media or email Melanie Mulligan, Education Manager on