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Giant Lego Brick Animal Trail 27 February 2020

Northern Ireland’s only GIANT LEGO® brick wetland animal trail returns to Castle Espie this spring!

The giant models, some up to twelve times the size of the real wetland animals that inspired them, include Flavia the Andean flamingo, a riot of pink bricks; Emily the Emperor dragonfly, resplendently perched on a LEGO brick reed, and Benedict the Bewick’s swan, magnificently stretching his brick wings.

Over 254,000 LEGO bricks were used to make our wetland animal family, and it took 1,561 hours to make all 14 giant wetland characters, with Fred the Frog taking the longest time to make at a whopping 244 hours!

PLUS! LEGO Brick Workshops (£10 per person, not including admission)

As well as the trail, take part in our unique and popular interactive LEGO brick workshops, perfect for LEGO fans – young and old! Suitable for ages 4+. Children must be accompanied by adults and vice–versa! (The cost of the workshop for each builder is £10, but an adult supervisor can watch for free).

LEGO® workshops take place every weekend between 29 Feb and 5 April, and every day during the Easter school holidays (Mon 6 to Sun 19 April), starting at 12 noon and 2 pm.

For more information and the booking details go to