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Free Covid–Compliant RSPB School 14 December 2020

Free Covid–Compliant RSPB Schools Outreach In Your School Grounds

You can now book your FREE RSPB Schools Outreach session, providing curriculum linked outdoor learning in your own school grounds.  The RSPB have adapted and tested their delivery methods to make them fully Covid–compliant, enabling them to continue to deliver quality, risk assessed sessions – only now they are free!  Last school year, 100% of teachers whose classes had Schools Outreach sessions in Belfast rated them as excellent or good for content, relevance to the curriculum and ability to engage the children.  This UK–wide project also has the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge and is registered as Covid-Secure.

For more information on the sessions and to complete an online enquiry form, please visit  The RSPB Outreach team are ready to take bookings for sessions from mid–January onwards.       

Key features of the RSPB’s Covid–compliant delivery methods are:

•        Outdoor delivery only

•        2 metre distancing of RSPB personnel from school staff and pupils (we’ve tested this out and it does work).

•        Clean kit for every group and individual child

•        Regular handwashing

Bioblitz Using simple nature detective equipment this session offers your pupils the chance to investigate the microhabitats around your school, to find species adapted to different environments and to broadly identify them using our Spot It guides. In autumn we might find animals tucked away for warmth and in summer they will be more active, keeping us on our toes! Curriculum Links: Interdependence, living things, growth & survival. Handling data.