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Castlewellan Tree Comes Second 1 November 2018

Castlewellan tree takes a well–earned bow

A much–loved giant redwood in Castlewellan, County Down, has been voted runner–up in the search for the UK’s Tree of the Year.

This mighty redwood – also known as a giant sequoia – was recently crowned Northern Ireland’s Tree of the Year.  Organised by the Woodland Trust, the competition was open to any living tree in the UK – with Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales each having its own contest. 

The four country winners made their debut on BBC’s The One Show earlier this month, when viewers were asked to vote for one of the four to represent the UK in next year’s European Tree of the Year competition.

The votes are in and, as revealed on The One Show (on Tuesday 30 October), Nellie’s Tree in Leeds is the UK champion.  It’s a tree that has wooed the public with a romantic tale of young love.

Our County Down favourite, nominated by Dr Sally Montgomery and Ann Irwin, can stand tall having secured the runner–up spot. 

Patrick Cregg is the director of the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland and said: “Our hearty congratulations go to each of the country winners and, of course, to Nellie’s Tree – a worthy and wonderful UK champion.  We hope that everyone will support Nellie’s Tree next February in the European competition.

“However, special congratulations must go to our Castlewellan runner–up.  This multi–stemmed giant sequoia, which stands within the walled garden at Castlewellan Forest Park, really has captured the hearts of local people.  It’s an amazing result – and it’s all thanks to the efforts of Ann Irwin and Sally Montgomery who have campaigned tirelessly to put this magnificent tree in the limelight.”

The Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year competition aims to highlight and celebrate our country’s remarkable trees.