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Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2020 21 October 2019

Big Schools’ Birdwatch

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch is a simple bird survey for all ages.  RSPB supply everything you need and it only takes one hour.

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch is

·         Suitable for all ages and abilities

·         Free to take part in, with free resources

·         Rich in curriculum links

·         The schools’ version of the Big Garden Birdwatch, the world’s’ biggest wildlife

Find out more at Once you’ve registered RSPB we will send you a fantastic free ID poster, and you‘ll be able to download all of the materials you need to take part. 

Big Schools’ Birdwatch is one of RSPB’s Wild Challenge activities.  Check out the others at and you could soon be earning awards for your school.

Every year, educators from every corner of the UK take part, turning their classes into conservation scientists and helping us track the ups and downs of birds across the country. Registration is open from 24th September 2019 to 2nd February 2020. You can submit your results any time between 6th January and 21st February 2020. 


After this we’ll share the results of your surveys so your class can see how their research is contributing. Read more at