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Be Fair to Bees 21 March 2019

RSPB research student, Annie Magowan from Down High School, has been inspired by the dramatic improvement of bees on environmentally managed farm land in Co. Down that she is to petition the UK government to develop a strategy to support more farmers to do the same and protect our bees.

Young people from Northern Ireland are asking Government to support devolved institutions by having a UK wide strategy to provide funding to support farmers delivering valuable ecosystem services, such as providing wildflowers for pollinators.

RSPB Co. Down research 2018 has shown that wildlife–friendly farming supported four times the number of pollinators compared to a farm that had never been managed for wildlife.  Insect pollinated crops are valued at £603M per year (UK National Ecosystem Assessment). What food can we buy? How much will it cost us? Can we go out into nature and still be astounded but its beauty?  Without bees, we dread to know the answers.  The question is not should we save bees, but why have we not already started?

Help get this issue on the Government’s agenda by signing Annie’s petition using the following link.