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A Green Recovery Fund for NI 22 February 2021

A Green Recovery Fund for Northern Ireland

Together, we can build a better future. Will you help? 

A green recovery from the pandemic is our chance to revive our world and build a better, greener and fairer future for Northern Ireland. This is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss! 

This coming month, the Finance Minister is making challenging spending decisions on how to recover the economy. In an exciting and highly relevant campaign, RSPB NI is calling on the Minister to establish a Green Recovery Fund for Northern Ireland. This will enable the Government to invest in plans and solutions for rebuilding the economy that will address the nature and climate emergencies too – creating a sustainable and lasting recovery. 

We need more voices! If enough of us speak up, we have the power to influence the Minister’s decision and ensure he funds a better future for all.

Can you take two minutes to help us campaign for change and ask the Finance Minister to establish a Green Recovery Fund for Northern Ireland? Simply follow the link:

This is a pivotal opportunity to influence decisions that will shape our future and for generations to come – not to mention a significant teaching moment! Maybe you have a group of young people who are looking for ways to stand up for nature and want to inspire others to do the same?