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St. Mary’s College

The global dimension is now a core element of the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum, forming an integral part of compulsory provision. It is placed within a more general government drive to engage innovatively with some of the most challenging questions our society is dealing with today regarding conflict and peace, poverty and excess wealth, interdependence and dependence, and human rights and justice.

With this in mind, St. Mary’s University College set up the Global Dimension in Education Project which aims to prepare student teachers to implement this aspect of the curriculum effectively by integrating it across the College community.

Integral to the Project has been the development of an on–line course to support students completing the Certificate in the Global Dimension in Education. The Global Dimension On Line Course points you in the right direction for ideas on how to incorporate the eight global dimension concepts successfully in to your teaching and learning. Also provides information and links to many of the key statutory bodies and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who can provide support and help you get started.



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