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Conservation Through Fishing

The aim of the group is to construct and deliver bespoke, alternative HANDS ON Educational Courses on Environmental Issues, for young people. (adult courses are also delivered). Modules include Fresh Water Pollution, Eco-Systems, Bio-Diversity, Entomology, Sustainability of Natural Resources and Ecology.

Their Ethos is “Creating Ambassadors for Nature”. Conservation through Fishing instills Self-Worth, Responsibility and Ownership in its students. Fly Fishing runs all the way through the course, research shows the sports interaction with nature a very powerful resource in conveying many of the topics. The Programmes are delivered by the most qualified Coaches and Instructors in Northern Ireland, having all aspects of discipline such as Child Awareness, Disability Awareness, First Aid and Enhanced CBR.



48 Balloo Road
BT19 7PG
077 7555 7340