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Bryson Charitable Group

Bryson Charitable Group is Northern Ireland’s leading social enterprise, employing over 620 people and with a turnover in access of £20m. Bryson incorporates seven subsidiary companies, each working at the cutting edge of social policy (environmental, economic, educational and healthcare) development in Northern Ireland.

The Bryson subsidiaries make a significant contribution to Northern Ireland environmental improvement by supporting more sustainable living through the provision innovative services such as: delivering energy efficiency advice and action ( +75,000 homes p.a.); providing kerbside recycling (to 60% of Northern Ireland Homes); and delivering related schools education programmes (38,000 pupils pa).

On a typical day Bryson provides over 24,000 services to individuals, households and communities across Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland, putting it at the centre of social policy development and delivery, as it pursues its vision “to be a leader in creating a just and sustainable society.”

28 Bedford Street
028 9032 5835
028 9084 8493