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UK higher education and net zero – the curriculum, collaboration, and sustainable estates and practices

Thursday 22 October 2020


This conference focuses on improving the sustainability of UK universities, their estates and operations – and their wider contribution towards meeting net–zero 2050.

It takes place against the backdrop of the Government’s policy drive to reach net–zero emissions by 2050 – and significant initiatives within the sector itself.

Delegates will examine priorities, next steps and best practice for universities – including how challenges are being met and strategies for addressing unresolved issues – and the way forward for maximising the sector’s contribution to UK leadership in climate change research and innovation.

The discussion at a glance:

  • strategies and targets for leaders in UK higher and further education – and collaboration between HEI departments and with other sectors
  • designing and delivering sustainable campuses – including adoption of environmentally sustainable investment, procurement and operations
  • course content and R&D – climate change in the HE curriculum and research programmes
  • the role of major funders in supporting transformation
  • exchange of knowledge between HEIs and government

We also expect discussion on the challenges that COVID–19 presents for progress on sustainability in higher education – in the short term as the sector focuses on keeping staff and students safe, and adapting the operational and financial impacts of the pandemic – and into the future as universities manage costs and priorities.

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Cost   More Details See website for details
Time   More Details 8:30am – 1:00pm
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+44 (0)1344 864796