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Influencing the Policy Agenda

Tuesday 2 June 2020

This one day course looks at how to influence the policy agenda at every stage of its development. Using a hypothetical example of a topical environmental policy and working in teams it takes participants through an actual exercise that will:

  • Consider how to influence the preliminary content of consultation documents right through to tailoring legislation in its final stages.
  • Show how partner organisations can be identified and their agendas and influence shared.
  • How to identify those who might oppose the policy and engage with and address their objections.
  • How to influence, from traditional lobbying, round table consultations  
  • Use of social media to generate support and get maximum impact and traction.
This is an ideal course for organisations of any size in the public, private and third sector that wish to raise their profile, ensure that their voice is heard and to make their agenda THE agenda.

Particularly useful for anyone working in a policy development role, whether directly or in an indirect role. This would include policy officers, relevant professional staff, public affairs and public relations professionals, communications and marketing professionals.


Cost   More Details £99 (NIEL Member rate)
Time   More Details 9:30am – 4:30pm
Contact   More Details Tracey Blair
02890 243884